chiv·al·ry : the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, especially courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.

Mother Son Date Knight was all about training young men how to be chivalrous, and we can truly say that each young boy completed that challenge! The evening began with Knight training. All of the boys were led to an opening in the trees, where there were several different stations set up. Each station had a different task that you must complete, and each task taught a different character trait that a Knight must have. 

The kids had an absolute blast at the stations! They threw balls at a pyramid and learned how to be persistent and never give up, they participated in a 'sword fight' and learned how to be brave when faced with troubles, and much more! After they completed their tasks, each boy was presented with a 'Certificate of Knighthood' that they had to sign. They then were led one by one to Lady Abigail, where they were knighted. 

Dinner was full of laughter, good conversation, and (of course) great food! At the end of dinner, we pulled the young boys aside and talked to them about what it meant to be chivalrous. They then had ONE final task to complete... they had to pick out the most beautiful rose they found in the bunch and present it to their mama's. Only then could they officially become a true Knight. We haven't seen anything quite as sweet as these little boys picking out roses and presenting them to their moms. One little boy in particular picked out a rose, hid it behind his back, and walked it over to his mom. "Mom.. You're really beautiful", he said as he pulled the rose from behind his back and handed it to his mom. Her eyes lit up and she accepted the rose (and a hug) from her sweet boy. 

We were SO happy to have witnessed and helped bring together such a sweet moment between a young boy and his mom. The memories we made from this event are those that will not soon be forgotten!

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Rachael Cowin