Ladies' Tea Party - 2018

Tea Party Table.jpg

We can't express how much we loved this years' Ladies' Tea Party! It may have been our favorite one yet. Our group grew significantly from last year, and we loved seeing so many new, smiling faces.

The morning began with brunch, presented on all of the tables, and (of course) tea! We served four different types of our FAVORITE teas, as well as our delicious Iced Tea and Hand-squeezed Lemonade. We absolutely loved watching the little girls drink their cups of tea, add sugar cubes, and receive all sorts of royal treatment. Some of our favorite memories growing up were of 'grown up' tea parties with the women in our lives, and we were so excited to help foster those memories in all of those little girls! 

One of our favorite parts in the preparation of this event is the tea cup hunt! Our Marketing Director goes to antique stores and re-sale shops all over Muncie, Anderson, and Indianapolis to find the prettiest, most antique tea cups. At the end of the event, each attendee had the ability to plant a flower in their tea cup! This gives everyone the opportunity to have something beautiful to look at every single day; and, of course, remind them of our up and coming Tea Party :)

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Another addition to this event was the 'Tea and Canvas' portion! We absolutely loved it. Led by Abigail Cowin, all of the attendees of the Tea Party painted a beautiful picture of bird houses! The end results were all wonderful. We loved seeing all of the ladies getting creative with their own new ideas!

The DESSERT! We can't talk enough about the dessert table. Who DOESN'T love chocolate, bananas, oreos, and ALL SORTS of other things you can dip in chocolate?? This definitely will be a tradition we keep...

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AND NOW, it's time for the big announcements! Every year we do a silly picture contest and award the winners with an amazing prize! This group made us laugh so hard our bellies hurt. How creative!! 


And, of course, this sweet little girl has to win something as well. Sure, it may not be a silly picture. But it's WAY too cute!


For this event, we also added a 'biggest group' award! This group was so lively and fun, not to mention they brought 11 people along with them! They attended our last Ladies' Tea Party as well, and we look forward to (hopefully) hanging out with them at the next one!

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Rachael Cowin