Craig's Story

"Anyone who knows me will tell you that if you want to get me teary, have me talk about my family or team (Chick-fil-A family).  They’ll also tell you the incredible Blessing of owning Chick-fil-A Muncie is well beyond any deserving on my part.

I am constantly amazed and humbled by this experience.

Our Muncie community (more family) has been so incredibly welcoming and warm.

Such an honor to serve with this amazing team and this beautiful community.

There’s not nearly enough space here to tell the whole Providential journey to Chick-fil-A Muncie, but I’d be happy to share it if you want to stop by.

Maybe just a couple of quotes…

“Who does that?”  We get asked that a lot.  Thankfully, it’s asked in a good way.  We get the privilege to do our best to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with us.  Whether we do this in our four walls, or out in the community, inevitably this question comes after we’ve been able to successfully fulfill our mission to Improve Lives and Inspire Happiness.  “Who does that?”  Being able to respond, “We do,” constantly affirms how fortunate I/we are to be a part of each other’s and our guests’ lives.

Something else we hear often is, “It’s just different.”  Again, very grateful this is said in a good way.  Ask a team member or guest why they are Raving Fans.  They’ll “try” to nail down why by talking about quality, speed, cleanliness, friendliness, etc.  Eventually, they get almost frustrated because they can’t quite pinpoint what fuels their Chick-fil-A love, and they’ll say, “It’s just different.”  THAT is a perfect reason!  Honestly, it’s perfect because we hope you “feel” the way we do about you: happy.  We want you to consider us a home away from home and a bright spot.  Guests and team members know that it has less to do with what we do, and more to do with why we do it.

With great gratitude and excitement, we are here to serve you!"

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Rachael Cowin